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A Christmas Carol Cast Draft

Episode Summary

Who can assemble the best all-star cast of A Christmas Carol? Guests: Sue London, Jonathan MacFarlane, Joey O.

Episode Notes

In our Christmas Eve season finale, the Advent Calendar House is haunted by 3 spirited guests as we each draft our own casts of A Christmas Carol from a pool of characters from Christmas past.  


🎙 On This Episode:  

Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), founder of the feast.  

Sue London (@cmdrsue), romance novelist of Christmas past.  

Jonathan MacFarlane (@otherjmac), Discoverography podcast host of Christmas present.  

Joey O. (@ImGonnaDJ24), Y-Not Radio and Words with Nerds co-host of Christmas yet to come.  


🎄 A Christmas Carol Renditions Mentioned:  

In chronological order:  

• 1951: Scrooge (starring Alastair Sim).  

• 1954: Shower of Stars’ A Christmas Carol.  

• 1962: Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol.  

• 1970: Scrooge (musical, starring Albert Finney).  

• 1978: Rich Little’s Christmas Carol.  

• 1979: Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Carol.  

• 1983: Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  

• 1984: A Christmas Carol (starring George C. Scott).  

• 1986: The Real Ghostbusters: Xmas Marks the Spot.  

• 1987ish: Honey Nut Cheerios Christmas Commercial (starring Bill Gavin).  

• 1988: Scrooged (starring Bill Murray).  

• 1993: Animaniacs: A Christmas Plotz.  

• 1994: A Flintstones Christmas Carol.  

• 1997: A Christmas Carol (starring Tim Curry).  

• 1999: A Christmas Carol (starring Patrick Stewart).  

• 2003: A Carol Christmas (starring Tori Spelling).  

• 2009: Disney’s A Christmas Carol (starring Jim Carrey).  

• 2011: Batman: Noël.  


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