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A Christmas Carol (1971)

Episode Summary

Alastair Sim’s even more animated turn as Scrooge, directed by Richard Williams. Guests: Rob Graham, Michael May. Find show notes at

Episode Notes

🎄 It’s 1971, and Alastair Sim is delivering an even more animated performance as Scrooge.  

Join us as we invade your personal space for salute an animated adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” that bent the rules and became the last TV special to win an Oscar, directed by Richard Williams and executive produced by Chuck Jones.  


🎙 Guests:  

Michael May (, AfterLUNCH).  

Rob Graham (AfterLUNCH, @spidey004).  


💬 Topics & Tangents:  

1. Michael May’s Christmas Carol Project entries on 1971’s “A Christmas Carol.”  

2. CED Magic’s “Christmas Carol” screen adaptation directory.  

3. John Leech’s original illustrations for the Dickens story.  

4. AfterLUNCH on Christmas Ghosts (And One Carol in Particular).  

5. The rarely seen Phantom Hearse.  

6. Visions of Young Scrooge’s favorite stories dancing in his head.  

7. Alex Williams’s website and blog post about his memory of voicing Tiny Tim at age 4.  

8. One notable businessman from the future and his gross nose.  

9. The Making of Richard Williams’s “A Christmas Carol.”  


📼 Retro Commercial Break:  

NyQuil Scrooge Commercial, circa 1968.  

Bell Telephone Christmas Commercial, 1978.  


🎤 And Now, These Messages:  

The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Holiday, by Ed Daly.  


“A Christmas Carol” (1971) © Richard Williams Productions.  

Theme song by Bronwen’s Ghost.  

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