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Christmas in Tattertown

Episode Summary

Nickelodeon’s first animated original gets discarded into another dimension. Guest: Chad Young. Find show notes at

Episode Notes

🎄 On a very wound-up and thrown out into a pile of junk in another dimension episode of the Advent Calendar House, we set our sentient clocks back to 1988 for a one-time-only trip to Tattertown, the holiday brain-child Ralph Bakshi and Nickelodeon’s first-ever original animated TV program.  


🎙 Guest:  

Chad Young (The Horror Movie BBQ, @horrormoviebbq).  


💬 Topics & Tangents:  

1. Christmas in Tattertown info and sketches from Bakshi Productions.  

2. Christmas in Tattertown review on Nick Knacks, a show-by-show Nickelodeon retrospective.  

3. Muffet initially appears to be the victim, much like the other guy, actually named Guy, in Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.  

4. Cameos by early Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks characters Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Flip the Frog, and later Popeye.  

5. Today’s TV Trope: The “real world.”  

6. A shout-out to the dearly departed Hollywood Video for staying open on Christmas Day for idiots like me who forgot to ask for required accessories like the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak.  

7. Wawa’s Holiday Gobbler hoagie.  

8. Another cameo by Bosko and Honey turns into a tangent about the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, Fields of Honey.  

9. A brief introduction to “snoap,” Florida’s fake snow.  


“Christmas in Tattertown” ©1988 Bakshi Productions, Inc.  

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