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A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

Episode Summary

Probably the closest the Brain ever got to taking over the world, if only his heart hadn’t grown 3 sizes. Guests: Joey Letson, Joey O.

Episode Notes

Day 17: We apply North Pole to the 1996 TV special, “A Pinky and the Brain Christmas,” probably the closest the lab mouse duo ever got to actually taking over the world.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), the surly pilot ex-girlfriend of a propane tank.
  2. Joey Letson (@Animanicast), host of The Animanicast.
  3. Joey O. (@ImGonnaDJ24) from Y-Not Radio and Words with Nerds.

Topics and Tangents

  1. This special won the 1996 Primetime Emmy award for outstanding animated program, sandwiched between 2 Simpsons episodes.
  2. Listen to Joey O.’s interview with Maurice LaMarche at the 2018 Keystone Comic Con.
  3. Powerhouse: Warner Bros.’ go-to “assembly line” music.
  4. io9 ranked this episode dead last among the Brain’s plans to take over the world.

After This Episode

  1. Listen to Joey O.’s interview with Rob Paulsen at Retrocon 2017!
  2. Listen to the Animanicast’s interview with Maurice LaMarche at Phoenix Comic Con 2016!

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