Advent Calendar House

McDonald’s Holiday Commercials

Episode Summary

Lace up your ice skates for these merry messages starring 3 iterations of Ronald McDonald. Guest: Joey O.

Episode Notes

Day 10: Lace up your ice skates for a look at 3 classic holiday commercials starring McDonald’s clown in charge.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), a hand-animated woodland owl delighted to see a fast food mascot in my front yard.
  2. Joey O. (@ImGonnaDJ24) from Y-Not Radio and Words with Nerds.

Topics and Tangents

  1. Grape jelly is good on Sausage McMuffins. Don’t @ me.
  2. McDonald’s Wiki, which of course exists, runs down all 7 versions of the “Happy Holidays” ice-skating commercial.
    Yes, there are seven edits of this one classic commercial, and they’re all on YouTube:
  1. Star Wish commercial.
  2. Runaway commercial.
  3. King Booker, in example.
  4. Squire Fridell as Ronald McDonald in “Mac and Me.”
  5. Paul Rudd’s ongoing “Mac and Me” prank on Conan O’Brien.
  6. Grimace’s last appearance was at Dodger Stadium, though as we know, nothing can kill the Grimace.
  7. The self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s,” now known as “Epic McD,” in Orlando, Florida, is home to an animatronic Mac Tonight that hangs from the ceiling.

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