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Jingle Bell Rap

Episode Summary

We dig down like dogs to the bottom of the bargain bin for an overlooked special from 1991. Guest: Chad Young.

Episode Notes

Day 11: We dig down like dogs to the bottom of the VHS bargain bin for “Jingle Bell Rap,” an overlooked special from 1991 that had all the potential to become a Christmas classic, but none of the airtime.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), out-of-place freak Santa Claus who’s still human in a world full of talking dogs.
  2. Chad Young (@horrormoviebbq) of the Horror Movie BBQ and TPIF: Thank Pod It’s Funny.

About the Special

  1. Watch “Jingle Bell Rap” on Amazon Prime.
  2. Perennial Pictures’ webpage for “Jingle Bell Rap.”

Topics and Tangents

  1. Chad’s on, so of course we talk about Roy Rogers.
  2. Fetch and Uncle Jesse are the “wise cowboy” archetype that replaced the wise janitor in the ’90s.
  3. It’s an early-’90s special with a rap in it, so here’s the comparison to that one Fruity Pebbles commercial.
  4. Shout-out to the Cult Film Club and “Plot in 60 Seconds.”
  5. In Rollover’s flashback, his dad looks like angry Homer Simpson.
  6. Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks in slow motion.
  7. New Kids on the Block perform “Funky Funky Xmas” on Arsenio Hall.

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