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He-Man/She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Episode Summary

Fights are fun! I like fights! Guests: Brandon Medley, Chad Young. Find show notes at

Episode Notes

We are not nice, not kind, and not wonderful to 1985’s He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special, in which Skeletor’s heart grows three sizes.  


🎙 Guests:  

Brandon Medley (@brandmed, Blessed are the Geek).  

Chad Young (The Horror Movie BBQ, TPIF: Thank Pod It’s Funny, @horrormoviebbq).  


💬 Topics & Tangents:  

1. He-Man and She-Ra are between 18 and 21 years old and gave children unreasonable expectations of what they’d look like when they grow up.  

2. Thank goodness Chad is here to identify everyone at Eternia’s Christmas party.  

3. Greyskull Wiki has an entire section of Queen Marlena’s entry dedicated to speculating about her religion.  

4. Brandon’s dog is back because he heard us talking about the Beast Monster!  

5. The Monstroids exist because the makers of He-Man toys want you to believe giant robots that can transform are evil.  

6. Skeletor and Hordak are basically Miracle Max and his wife from The Princess Bride.  

7. This may have been the first time I’d ever seen someone yank off Santa’s beard.  


“He-Man/She-Ra: A Christmas Special” © 1985 Mattel, Inc.  

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