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Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Episode Summary

A hop, skip, and a jump scare through the uncanny valley. Guest: Matt Weiland. Find links and complete show notes at:

Episode Notes

Venture into the uncanny valley on a trip back to 2009 to rewatch Disney’s motion capture nightmare starring 4 Jim Carreys, 3 Gary Oldmans, 2 Robin Wrights, and a Cary Elwes in a pear shape.  

Full show notes with links at  


🎙 On This Episode:  

Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), a touch cross-eyed and mysteriously shrinking for no reason.  

Matt Weiland (@DinnahDawg), chasing me through the streets of the future in a phantom hearse, and a fee-free Disney Vacation Planner at Matt’s Dream Destinations.  


💬 Topics & Tangents:  

• Respect to a Disney movie that jumps from a storybook opening to a corpse’s face.  

• Despite being the 5th highest grossing Christmas movie as of 2020, this is also one of history’s biggest box-office bombs.  

• Coins on a corpse’s eyes in 19th century England had less to do with paying the ferryman’s toll and more to do with keeping their eyes closed.  

• Cary Elwes (one of the “portly” solicitors) is a descendant of John Elwes, the real-life inspiration for Scrooge.  

Christopher Walken forgetting his lines as Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live.  

• Disney’s Movies website accidentally credited Gary Oldman as both Kermit the Frog and Robin the Frog.  

Macy’s Dickens Village in Philadelphia.  

• The Ghost of Christmas Present flying Scrooge’s entire room around London is a weird mix of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Soarin’.  

Jim Carrey on his various accents.  

Roundhouse alumna Julene Renee as Want.  


📼 Retro Commercial Break:  

McDonald’s: Scrooge’s Party (1984), preserved by Dinosaur Dracula.  


🎤 And Now, These Messages:  

Merry Britsmas.  

Yuletide TV.  

Disney’s A Christmas Carol © 2009 Disney.  

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