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ALF’s Special Christmas

Episode Summary

A big bowl of sad with a side of poached cat. Guest: Jeff Somogyi. Find show notes at

Episode Notes

Remember ALF? He’s back, in podcast form! Tune in as we salute ALF’s two-part Christmas special from 1987, the single most depressing special starring a wisecracking alien puppet of all time.  

Content Warning: In this Christmas special, the goofy alien with the jokes meets a terminally ill child and a man contemplating suicide.  


🎙 Guest:  

Jeff Somogyi (Talkin’ Chopp, Down the Rabbit Hole, @sommerjam).  


💬 Topics & Tangents:  

1. The heartbreaking true story behind ALF’s Special Christmas.  

2. A study in human ignorance: Gordon Shumway has a name, which he’s told everyone, yet everyone still calls him HEY ALIEN!  

3. A study in willful alien ignorance: ALF opens everyone else’s Christmas gifts and succeeds in convincing me it’s because he doesn’t know how any of this works.  

4. Talking ALF: The Storytelling Alien.  

5. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  


“ALF’s Special Christmas” © 1987 Alien Productions.  

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